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How should my business use Facebook?

Facebook for Businesses Social media is the way things are going... if your not on Facebook you've already behind the times.

If you are starting a Facebook page for your business, be sure to begin with a Fan Page -- Not a Friend Page. There are different things that a Fan Page can do that a Friend Page can not. In the long run, it is going to be much easier if you start with a Fan Page.

Spend a little time with the graphics art department. You can graphically customize your Facebook Fan Page with tabs and other useful visuals and dynamics. We recommend that businesses have a welcome page so Facebook visitors can get to know you a little before they get too far in.

Every business on Facebook wants to have "Likes". You want to drive customers to your Facebook Page, have good content on your Facebook Page so it is interactive. One of the biggest techniques we've learned from experience, is to ask questions. We have seen many companies that just posting information that is saying "what's new" or "what's going on" but they don't ask for feedback. Asking questions could benefit your business more for your customers and yourself. By asking questions you can get feedback, and then change your strategy a little bit on your Facebook by what people are saying to you.

Facebook is a channel for people to give your business feedback, that you maybe didn't have before. For example, in your magazine ads, tv ads, and billboard ads, people are not able to react and interact with your company personally. By generating feedback your business will develop relationships with your customers, and the community appreciates that.

Your business should reply and talk to every single person that posts on your Facebook Fan Page. Whether that's just clicking the little "Like Button" or actually commenting back on what they are saying -- if you are not doing this, you are going to fail.

Try to respond withing twenty-four hours of someone's comment, whether it is positive or negative. We do not remove negative posts, perhaps give them information that offers support or take the time to apologize for the way they felt. Offer solutions and ways to turn their opinion around.

One of the best things to do is tell people your on Facebook. When your customers are in the store, or you're just out and about, give them a way to find you. Make sure you are searchable on Facebook too, so that everyone knows that you are there.

One method to increase interaction for many businesses like restaurants, realtors, and contractors is to take photos/videos of your customers, tours of houses or latest project work. People like to feel like they are apart of something, and this is a great way to keep them coming back for more.

Another thing you can do on Facebook is keep your eye out for "power users" -- the people that are always posting on your stuff, going to your store a few times a week. Send them a coupon, or a logo t-shirt or something like that to reward them. If they drive traffic to your website or Facebook page, send them something.

People respond to visuals more than text. A good example of this would be restaurants. Restaurant owners should take pictures of their food and fun atmosphere and post that to their Facebook Fan Page. This could drive a lot more traffic. I know I get hungry when I see the picture versus just reading about it. These extra steps can really make a difference.

Post videos. Show the world how you do it, the way it's done right and better than everyone else in the neighborhood. This technique would be great for many businesses such as contractors posting how-to videos. Seeing is believing.

When does the Facebook audience begin to see your Facebook Fan Page as more legitimate? We like to think it's around five-hundred. Once your numbers grow, you will begin to see more activity and things going on inside your Facebook Page. One way to increase the number of hands, is to purchase some Facebook Ads. Instead of paying per ad or impression like much other online advertising, you pay per person that clicks and becomes a Fan of your Facebook Fan Page.

The golden rule for us, is to only post two or three times a week. It seems like when companies post every day, their posts lose importance. Make your posts meaningful. You don't want to lose your important messages or annoy your fans.


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